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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Its NOT a project its just sort of errrr gotten a bit errrrr

First off a little pic of the battery box post lick of paint, it needs another bit of foam padding down one side to stop the batt rattling about but to all intense and purpose its done.

Er and now I have to fess up, I have had the idea of adding a tail loop and doing a Brat style type conversion on this bike for ages.
I bought a kicked up loop to go on the rear sub frame and then spent ages thinking about it and working through in my head the various steps that would have to happen to complete the job. I also wondered how long could it possibly take, could I get it done in a day, optimistic I know but I had my best mate to help out so there would be two of us on it. I managed to get a day reserved for being absent for the day during the christmas break and so I was determined to get on it and see what could be achieved. Unfortunately my helper had child care issues so I was no my own.

One before shot.

So off came the seat, rear mud guard, brake light and indicators,  then I used my new hand held electric reciprocating saw to cut the rear subframe off just behind the shock mounts, before I used a slitting disc in the grinder to cut the welds on the support sections that supported the rear subframe. I only left them on to do this as it was easier to do it on the bike. Obviously there was a good bit of measuring before I started with any cutting.

The loop I bought came with slugs to go in the tubes so the loop bike frame ends needed drilling so the slugs could be welded in. I also drilled some extra holes in the loop as I eventually want to run internal wiring.
I welded the slugs into the loop first on my bench as it was far easier.

The slugs made it really easy to get the loop lined up and ready for welding on, I would not like to have tried to do it without them. I left a small gap between the tubes to help with penetration when I welded them together.

I also had to spend a little time mucking about mocking up a new mudguard. This wont be happening this time round as it will require even more work and I am supposed to be trying to keep this bike on the road as a winter ride and I've already fucked that up by not having it back on the road before the end of christmas hols.

I got the loop welded on by the end of day one and started reshaping the support pieces which was taking a very long time, grind - offer up, grind - offer up, grind - offer up, and repeat and eventually I got one the right shape.

I have got a bit further but that will have to come in another update.

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