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Friday, 31 May 2013

Bit of progress

Managed to get a bit done over the bank holiday weekend, the tubing hasn't appeared yet due to technological cock up, I sent a text which definitely sent and definitely didn't arrive.
First up was helping Craig D get the engine out of his Vento, it took longer than planned but we won in the end, RESULT.
Next up was starting to make a new rear Light/indicator/number plate bracket for the new monkey light, I'd already done some prep and had a card template cut out with some markings on for sizes and where to drill holes to fit the light. The indicators haven't arrived yet so completion will have to wait until then, its easier to drill holes in a flat plate.

Finally got the tank pretty much finished 

 Unwanted side tabs chopped off 

 Original tap mounting point chopped of and patch welded in 

Braised over the patched area once I'd ground it back just to make sure it was all properly sealed, then braised on a strengthening plate for re mounting the tap tube that I've re attached with braise again.

Tunnel heated and beaten to get rid of the cable recess so it will sit low enough on the frame

Also made up a little wooden stand to lift the bike up off the ground and its on a little dolly so it can be moved about easily. Front wheel is off and all the fork bolts loosened ready for removing from the bike so I can do the fork seals.



Sunday, 12 May 2013

Managed some more progress after work on Friday. Lots of cutting of metal and grinding as well as fighting the wiring loom and removing all the insulation tape from the main loom before cutting out the indicator wiring and the flasher relay. There's still quite a lot of work to do with the loom at some wires will need to be extended and some shortened, then there's the clutch in to start element to be removed, and now the clocks are gone all the associated wiring for the idiot lights can be gotten rid of as well.
After - removed wires at top of pic

Oh, an I chopped the rear subframe off to :0), no turning back now. I was going to use a good chunk of the original subframe and just extend the diagonal lower subframe tubes up to meet the original seat frame tubes with the bits I didn't need chopped off, but after some discussions with Kris at the unit I agree that it might look neater to just make a new subframe seat rail up with a nice hoop out of one fresh piece of tube. So I'll see him this week and get that ordered, in the mean time there's a good bit of cleaning up to do on the frame and a load of measuring to work out sizes for the new subframe. Not to mention continuing to beat the crap out of the under side of the tank to make it sit low enough and finish moving the petrol tap position.

Now much cleaner


Before the chop, tank roughly in place.
As it stands now post chop

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

New Project

As with many of us project nuts, one is simply not enough, I've been lusting after some sort of street tracker for a while now, but buying is not an option, and not nearly as much fun. After trying and failing to buy an Aprilia Pegaso I've gone for a much better option of the old Honda Dominator, which has no complicated cooling system or ugly radiators to deal with, spurred on massively by the work of Andrew on http://nx650elsinore.blogspot.co.uk/ I am hoping to replicate his work albeit with a slight twist of my own. I'm going for no plastic side panels but a larger tail unit to hide the battery and electrics.

This is the look I'm going for

This is what I started out with
and 40 minutes later after me and H had set about it with spanners and allen keys it looked like this
And after a night at the unit its now minus the rear pegs, front hand guards and indicators, oh and I ground off the petrol tank mounts so there's no turning back now.