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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Soon to be viral

This is an incredible follow up to the first, unfortunately Martin Ashton seriously hurt himself just before filming was finished so two of the greatest bike riders this country has ever seen were drafted in to help out.

Saturday, 30 November 2013


Had a week off work this week and have spent a good bit of time on the project.

Some forwards progress and some backwards.

Now my carb is clean I thought I'd get on with Daves Carb Mod, found a great place just down the road in Manchester to get the new float bowl seal and new jets NRP motorcycle carburettor repair specialist proper nice lads too, very helpful, the website is a bit limited but give em a call if you need anything, I'm sure they'll be able to help.

So I was getting on with fitting the new bits and I went and dropped the bloody slide, and as surely as toast lands butter side down, it dropped right onto the needle an bent the end over 90 degree's, ARSE.

So a phone call to nrp, and they can supply me with a new one but its likely to be in the region of £30 + vat, now i feel like a propper ham fisted dim wit, fortunately they are going to be doing a carb kit for the Dominator which includes a new needle and the kit will be cheaper than the price of a needle, but I'll have to wait until they get the kits in mid Jan. As the bike has no rear sub frame or forks, I figured I can wait 6 weeks.

Tank mount sorted and happy with, this is attempt number 2, you probably wouldn't believe the number of hours I've spent just sorting this little bit, I know I can't. There's a piece for this toungue to slot into on top of the top tube. I'm going to stick rubber top and bottom to get a nice tight fit (oh er) and help stop rattles from the vibey single.

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Finally got round to doing the fork seals, and while I was at it I thought I'd have a go at lowering the forks, chopped 2 inch off the springs and added a spacer as per the instructions I was following from the xs650 forum.

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And today I made a start on the new subframe, big learning curve here, never done any tube bending before. The pics are of attempt number2. The first one was just figuring out the tube bender and seeing how easy or not the tube would bend. I tacked a bung in each end and filled the tube with kiln dried sand in an attempt to stop the tube deforming or rippling while being bent. On the whole it went ok, with the tube just flattening out a little in some spots where it was in contact with the bender I was using. I'm not 100% happy with it just yet it still needs some tweaking, and I may even go for attempt 3 but I'm going to start running out of tube and this is just the back end, there's the 2 seat rails to bend up yet, plus the supports. Hoping I might get on to them tomorrow perhaps.

Rear sub frame

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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Great weekend

Just had an awesome 3 day weekend, downhill biking all day Friday with an uplift, at Antur Stiniog in North Wales with a great bunch of mates.
And today I had a great ride out to the Back Street Hero's custom show at Doington Race circuit. 2 hrs there and back through the peaks in some lovely weather, wearing my old leather and jeans, not a waterproof textile (that I seem to have to have to wear to and from work all week) in sight glorious, although I did have a numb bum by the time I got home. Think the foam in my 1200 bandit seat is past its best at 13 years old.

The show was OK but not worth the £14 entry I felt. I know these things dont put themselves together but still I felt it was a bit steep.

Anyway, here's some pics.

The latest incarnation of Chris Ireland's Indian that was on the BBC documentary "Speed dreams" (its on youtube go watch it if you haven't seen it) the only thing that's off the original bike is the engine which has now been supercharged. He's taking it back out to Bonneville in 2014.

Destiny cycles, pure art.

This is a 125cc Harley. Lucifer customs. I loved this little bike.

520 KTM engined bobber, different and nice.

Lovely royal Enfield, would have loved to take this home.

Krazy horse customs

Krazy horse customs

Krazy horse customs

Well derserved prize winner with a beer barrel side car.

Hard up choppers cafe racer - well nice.

Lamb engineering - pure art work this one.

Hope mine turns out this nice

One of the new V twin JAP engines that Lamb Engineering have helped develop.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

A little slice of history

I've bought a little slice of history, as a die hard mountain biker this was an ebay find I couldn't let slip'

Very clean and almost 100% original Muddy Fox Courier circa early to mid 80's, I cant believe the condition its in, so well looked after and as far as I can make out, never been offroad, hence the original chainset,

Obviously the lights, mud guards, seat pack, pump and possibly the slicks will be going.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Quiet but not idle

So there's been a bit of a break since the last post, but  I've not been idle. I've kept up my Tuesday night project night and have been hard at work mocking up the rear sub frame.

Its taken a while and a few attempts and lots of measuring and a scale drawing here and there at critical points.

Basically I've been trying to determine the size and shape of the rear seat rails to keep everything as small and compact as possible yet make sure the sizes are right so I can fit the battery/cdi/fusebox behind the seat and mount twin shocks.

I also had to see what it would actually look like.

This is the first mock up of the seat hump once I was happy with the shape of the board replicating the seat rails.

I didn't like this, the seat hump looked far too big and out of proportion, so I made the change below, the idea being that the hump will sit inside the rear hoop. It looks a bit wierd but I'm hoping that with round tubing making the rear hoop it'll look fine, that and the fact that the hump wont be made out of duct tape.