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Thursday, 24 December 2015

The not a project bike part 2

So as expected the running on one cylinder turned out to be a coil, I double checked by swapping the wiring to the coil of the cylinder that was working and it still ran on that side.

First coil I ordered off evil bay was the wrong type, I needed a twin spade terminal one, so after trying to get the wrong one to work and making a horlics of it, blowing loads of fuses and getting really pissed off I worked out that I had the wrong coil.

That finally arrived and I fitted it along with a new plug cap just to be on the safe side.
I then used the bike for my daily commute, for 3 or 4 days of a week before I left it alone for the weekend. Result I thought, winter bike on the road I thought, pah how wrong could I be.

Went to use it first thing Monday morning and the battery would barely turn the engine over, had to wait until the weekend to check it out properly, I charged the battery and left it 24 hrs and then checked it again and it had dropped 1volt, so new battery it was.

Decided to go for it and bought a teeny tiny li ion one from a very nice seller on the bay. Finding it was a bit of a nightmare as most people are trying to sell you a replacement for what you already have in your standard bike, when what people like me (who are definitely not working on a project bike)  are looking for is the smallest battery available that will turn their engine over and work with their bike, this little beauty is 80x80x95 and is so light that I nearly throw it over my shoulder every time I pick it up.

New and old for comparison

This of course has necessitated some work to the battery box to make sure this little un sits nice and snug. I've hit my little mods to the box with some of my favourite one coat anti rust black spray paint since I took the pic below. Pics of everything re fitted again once the paint has dried, but that's likely to be after Christmas. 

Most exciting news tho, instead of investigating the clutch issue I have, instead of refurbing the forks, during the christmas break I have a day reserved in the workshop, and my mate Paul is coming over to give me a hand, and we will be chopping the back of the frame rails off and welding in a nice loop with a kick in it and then making up a new seat and fitting a new rear mudguard. Should get it all done in a day no probs, right??

I'm going to go for a bit of internal wiring out to the back end to try and keep things clean and tidy, but that might have to wait a bit as its not essential to keeping the bike on the road.

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