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Monday, 30 November 2015

So remember that little suzuki twin that is most definitely not a project,  well I finally  got it on the road as a winter bike, only 12 months late. Bit of a hick up with the mot but it passed on the re test and is on the road. The tester must have had his Friday rush on as the was more play in the rear swing arm bearings than our local play ground. I rode it for a couple of weeks but there was some dodgy handling going on so I thought I better get it sorted.
What a job that turned into, swing arm removal was a piece of piss,

 but getting the bearings out was a complete nightmare, they must have been the originals, I ended up smashing the cage and needle rollers out before welding onto what was left so I had something that I  could get purchase on with the bar I was using to hammer them out. Repeated welding and the associated heat plus some considerable  hammering and generous doses of  plus gas finally had the remainder of the bearings release their grasp on the  swing arm.

I was quite rough with the swing arm during this whole process and had successfully  removed some good chunks of paint so sanded them back to bare metal and it was during this sanding  I came across what I thought  was a bit of crap paint on the brace plate, on further inspection it turned out to be what I can only describe as chewing gum that had been shoved into what turned out to be a rusty hole. I  dug all the gum  out of the hole and made it a more uniform shape  so I could make a repair piece that I could weld in. Before I made the repair I took the opportunity to remove all the rusty rattly crap that was stuck in there.

 New bit welded in and dressed back, prior to paint.

I got it all back together with a bit of new paint on it, and what happens when I attempt to take it out for the first time to see if it's made any difference,  the bugger will only run on one cylinder. The story continues. 

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  1. You'll get there in the end, these things are sent to try us, and there never was such a thing as a 5 minute job!!