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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Quiet but not idle

So there's been a bit of a break since the last post, but  I've not been idle. I've kept up my Tuesday night project night and have been hard at work mocking up the rear sub frame.

Its taken a while and a few attempts and lots of measuring and a scale drawing here and there at critical points.

Basically I've been trying to determine the size and shape of the rear seat rails to keep everything as small and compact as possible yet make sure the sizes are right so I can fit the battery/cdi/fusebox behind the seat and mount twin shocks.

I also had to see what it would actually look like.

This is the first mock up of the seat hump once I was happy with the shape of the board replicating the seat rails.

I didn't like this, the seat hump looked far too big and out of proportion, so I made the change below, the idea being that the hump will sit inside the rear hoop. It looks a bit wierd but I'm hoping that with round tubing making the rear hoop it'll look fine, that and the fact that the hump wont be made out of duct tape.


  1. Lookin' good!
    You got any more done?

  2. Afraid not, getting married and four weeks away on honey moon have, eaten into my time this summer, plus I don't have the luxury of a workshop where I live. But fear not, winter is approaching and I'll be getting back on it.