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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Its not a project

So considering its not a project it did take 4 hrs of my time on Saturday afternoon.

Insurance is active as of today so I was trying to get it sorted out to how I want it for now ie minus the massive rear light and indicators plus trying to flatten out some of the nasty scabs on the fork legs in the hope of prolonging the seals.

I also discovered a few more horrors thanks to flattening the battery by leaving the lights on whilst checking the indicators.

This massive ring connecting the live to the battery was barely connecting it and is almost big enough to fit over the bolt, and to boot there's no battery strap so if I hadn't secured it, the damn thing would be rattling round all over the shop. I'll be riding it this week so I hope there's no more horrors.

The seat base has a pretty bad case of tin worm, but should last me long enough to fab up a rear loop and seat base for the Bratstyle look.

It was all going quite well at this point, and I'd done some test fits of the seat to check everything was ok.

But unfortunately I ended up with this, not exactly what I was after, and I'd run out of time to sort it out, as I'd been neglecting my other DIY  tasks and had to crack on with them. Oh well another hours work and a couple more holes in the already swiss cheese mudguard and we'll be there.

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