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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Its a disease

Its definitely a disease, and/or an addiction.

I didn't really need another bike yet I managed to justify it to myself, and anyone else who'll listen really. I mean I do need to keep my new KTM out of the salty winter weather, and I definitely don't want a  repeat of last years black ice binning it debacle on my nice new bike. The project bike is still very much that, (although I am making progress towards completing the sub frame, not enough to be worth documenting on here tho) so that's not suitable for a winter ride and the C200 is still pretty much just a rolling chassis .

So there I was in Bristol having spent a long weekend with my mate Graham helping him weld a trolley for the donor shell that being stripped of spares for his rally car. And I'm having a look through gumtree at the bike for any possible winter hacks as I'm thinking it might be a good idea to start seeing whats about in spite of the fact I have absolutely nowhere to put another bike, (the 10x8 shed just about holds the KTM).

Heart over rules head and I seriously start looking at some of the options being presented to, I desperately want the GSX-R 750 witht he last oil cooled engine for 900 quid, consider a Honda CB-1 thats stupid cheap at just over 500 quid but it does have a few running issue's so thats out, which left a lovely little 1982 GSX 400T, 400cc twin, wire spoke wheels , tax and test till Jan, truth be told I got a bit giddy about it, its crying out for a Bratstyle styled make over, and I got abit  more giddy when I went to see it and forgot to check everything properly and missed the badly pitted upper fork legs and came away with it anyway.

So here she is

So yesterday I spent £40 on bits for my new cheap winter hack, new fork seals, fork boots, a cover and some grips which had to be had for £7 to replace the totally out of character ugly POS things that were on it. And today having got it out the van I had a proper look at it and did the first job on it and sorted the sticky rear drum, I stupidly dropped the back wheel out before realizing the problem was closer to the front and it was the main pivot for the brake pedal that was the issue.

No pics of that but I did give it a few coats of looking at and discovered some questionable use of sellotape. This has now been removed and replaced with proper insulation tape.
 I have to wait until the end of October to put it on my multi bike policy as I dont want to pay the £25 admin fee to put it on now for just 4 weeks.

So all that remains to do now on this cheap winter hack that is absolutely not a project, is replace the gargantuan indicators and tail light with something a little more discrete, weld on a loop after shortening the rear sub frame, relocate the electrics and hide the cables, make up a new seat base and have it upholstered ...................................... you get the idea, but this is definitely not another project, no sir ee, absolutely not, just a little winter hack to keep the salt of the KTM ;0)


  1. Surely the giant-normous (Samuel speak) rear light and indicators, which I hasten to add would not be out of place on a quarry truck, are in keeping with the look of the bike and the spoked wheels etc?

  2. Well they're "off its time" but I like to think I'll be improving its looks with the changes I'll be making, and as the bike is a little smaller than the truck you quite rightly pointed out the lights were intended for, and as I'm not doing a perfect resto job on it, I think it'll look ok.

  3. brilliant that a little gander online turns into a new (defiantly not a project) then that requires a new (workshop / shed, "well i been meenin to doit for years". )
    Since I'm getting a new shed i may as well get a decent welder.
    oh fuckit ill get a new mask as well . oh an a wood burner, kettle, DAB radio, callender .
    oh look at all the room i got . time for another project.

    yep i understand completely
    good job nobody expects any Crimbo presses from me.
    Oily Rob