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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Been a while

Well moving house over the summer has slowed me down but I've had a little progress on a few things over the last few months, with Tuesday night becoming workshop night.

I got the rear wheel into the lil Honda so its now a roller and is much easier to get in and out of the large cupboard it lives in at the unit.

The tube and tyre will need replacing and I'll probably go for new brake shoes before I try taking it on the road.

The tank has moved on a bit too, I finally finished cleaning up what will be the filler neck and cap, I cut it out of an old BSA oil tank I got cheap on ebay, and its taken ages to properly clean up and remove all the brass from where it was brazed into the oil tank.

I used my trusty dremel to cut out the hole for the filler, great little tool for the job, easy to control, didn't run away with me and fairly neat. I finished off the hole slowly and labouriously with a hand file as I want to be sure to keep it round.

If anyone out there in blog land can tell me how to make these pics sit side by side I'd appreciate it, I cant figure out how and its doing my head in.

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