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Monday, 26 January 2015

Check everything

So remember that little Suzuki which is definitely not a project but has not really been on the road since I got it. Well after winning the fight with the air box and getting it on the road it was absolutely rubbish at low revs ie would barely even pull enough to get going especially when just started  and only marginally better when warm. Oh well I thought thats the price I pay for putting pod filters on need to get the jetting sorted and go one up on the pilot jet size. I looked at one of the pair to see what size was in it and checked the spare set too, all 42.5 right then I'll just go up a size and that should sort me out, however I should of checked the other carb too as when I came to fit my newly acquired pilot jets I found it to be 4 sizes too small WTF, whoever had been mucking about with these carbs was fecking retard, different size pilot jets and no blanking plugs. I dont think I could off actually test rode this bike even I I'd wanted to when I went to buy it.

I've also tried to re-build the front caliper but it's not gone well so far as I skewered the rubber boot for the piston with a screw driver and it wont bleed up. Still, I'll persevere.

I've started making the side door for my garage, 3mm thick, 40mm box section. Its my first proper welding project (I'm not counting the frame for the door that I made in 5mm angle). Its going OK even if I do say so myself,  just added some cross pieces half way up today to make a crosss shape in the rectangle.

Things are hopefully happening with the garage again, watch this space.

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