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Sunday, 9 November 2014

First Ride fail

The first ride did not go well, would not pull at all, had to limp it home pretty much just letting it pull on idle.
I knew that the carbs weren't original and had been recently fitted and was told they'd need "setting up"

So the carbs had to come off for inspection, and I figured that while they were off I'd bin the air box and fit pods as a stepping stone towards the Bratstyle make over. It was a long drawn out fight that I eventually won, but there's no chance its going back on as its in a thousand pieces. Another interesting discovery was the use of 4 scouring sponges as an air filter.

 I took the carbs with me on a trip into Manchester and popped into see the nice people at NRP carbs to see if they could help, turns out a vital plug was missing out the carbs and that they already had the right main jets for running pods.
While I had them off I gave them a quick check and the diaphrams are starting to go but will be ok for a bit, and I figured I might as well use the carbs tops off the second set of I think original carbs as they are a nicer and Ali, so i gave them a little buff with some autosol and the dremmel and they came up quite nice, I didn't go ott just got em a bit nicer than they were. And a hell of a lot better than the manky steel tops that the carb cleaner half melted the paint off.

I got it all back together today (eventually) and after a number of issues with the throttle cable being too tight for some odd reason I finally got it to idle properly and was able to take it out for a test ride.

Its flat as a witches tit for the most part then over 7 thou takes of like a scalded cat, lots more work with the carbs me thinks to get it running better. And in spite of mt previous attempts the front brake was still sticking so I had another fight with that too.

May attempt some more tuning this week, and another short test ride to see if I got the brake sorted.

 Great lines on this bike, kicked up seat loop at the back and a new seat base, then hide the electrics and ditch the side panels and we'll be getting somewhere, far from original, but they look so good like that so why muck it up, but as I'm about to be a dad I strongly suspect that this sort of thing will be going on the back burner for a bit. Still if I can grab an hour here and there on it in the new garage who knows what may happen.

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