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Spud is obsessed with all things wheeled, both with an without engine's. 2006 Open class uk champion at Boardercross racing mountain boards, his knee's have since given up and he spends more time on his bikes both with and without engines.

Monday, 27 August 2012

New Project

Well, inspite of the board tracker bike not being properly finished, and being right in the middle of moving house away from my workshop and working flat out on my old house to get it ready to rent, I thought it would be a good idea to sidle myself with another project.

So here in all its errrrr glory? is the little Honda C200 I've just bought.

Current plan is to leave it rough as guts and just get it functioning properly with fresh brakes and bearings etc where needed, lob a chinese pit bike engine in it and get it on the road. Once thats done, it'll get a bobbed rear end, some phater rims and tyres and possibly a different front end with a disc brake.


  1. Thanks, I'd swop it for your new bike in heart beat tho. I got a day at the flat track school this Sunday to scratch my flat track itch